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Boltpower Jump starter product eight features

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Description:Boltpower Jump starter product eight features
Boltpower jump starter have many features,summarized as following 8 aspects:

1.High security :choose earth rare material produce battery cell which will no fire  and no explosion .Take along with jump starters on driving, there is no worries in your life.
2.Small size ,portable to take along with: 1/5 of old lead acid jump starter ,weight is only 500g.It is a necessary product for travel,sports and daily life.
3.Easy to jump start car :can jump start auto car more than 30times ,it still can work power less than 20%.
4.LED lighting:flashlight,strobe and automatic SOS beacon .
5.Boltpower jump starter can charge all kind of e-product.
6.High power capacity : the capacity more than 12000mAh which can charge iphone 4 to 5 times.
7.Long cycle life: : more than 3000times 
8.Product can operated on the high temperature 55-60C.

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