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Series Battery models of Juxing car jump starters gain the UL certification

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Description:Series Battery models of Juxing car jump starters gain the UL certification
     Series battery models of Juxing car jump start gain the UL certiiation which is frist time for the whole industry of car jump starters

    UL is the abbreviations is Underwriter Laboratories Inc. UL Safety Laboratories Inc is the most authoritative non government institution specialized in the safety experiment and identification in the USA. It is an independent, profitable and professional institute who do experiment for the public security. It takes scientific testing way to research the material,device,product,equipment and building to see whether it will hurt the life and property and the extent. It confirm,write and issue the related standard and related files to reduce and avoid harm for the life and property. Truth research business at the same time.UL certification is not a madatory certification. It focus on the test of product performance and safety.

     This time. Juxing apply for UL certification for such secondary lithium ion battery bag as 506578,8642125,656578,7442125,9050135,803496,8634106,845874,1043128,P8248145Y,346993。

     UL is a certification for product safety and management safety. The car jump starters Dongguan Juxing power product is high level in the safety and make a great contribution for the health and property safety. The safety certification of product an effective measure to eliminate the techology barrier of international trade. UL play a positive role in promoting the development of international trade.

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