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Success due to the responsibility

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Description:What is the responsibility? Most people think that as long as the time to complete their task is responsible, as long as not to be late for work, work is the responsibility,
       What is the responsibility? Most people think that as long as the time to complete their task is responsible, as long as not to be late for work, work is the responsibility, do not leave early, you can comfortably get their reward. In fact, the sense of responsibility and responsibility. Responsibility refers to the responsibility and commitment to a task, it is a course of action and a sense of responsibility. It is a person to hold something attitude. Tolstoy once said: "if a person has no passion, he will accomplish nothing, but passion is the basis of responsibility.", to work for the family, relatives, friends, each of us should shoulder the responsibility. A sense of personal responsibility determines the strength of the work or life is conscientious or muddle along without any aim which in turn determines the quality and degree of his work. In order to let the car giant mobile power factory home all the people deep Moment understand responsibility company executives on 3 August 2015 invited the founder Zhang Xingdong teacher training system of small and medium enterprises in China to give us a training, the theme of the course is "Success due to the responsibility".

      This is teacher for the first time to come to our company to give us to do training, everybody is not very familiar with him. In order to better encourage everyone to participate in the course of enthusiasm, and actively participate in the interaction, the correct answers of members have prizes awards. Teacher made it easy to understand.

      Colleagues eager to express their views, Different stakeholders have different views. sharing is not afraid ugly. At the beginning, the teacher stressed:
"Growth will make a fool of yourself, growth can make a fool of yourself," and made a fool of himself we only will be unforgettable, not to share, then to later his error in where all don't know.

      Staffs actively participate in the interaction, to answer the correct family members issued a prize. Zhang gave a total of our system to share the importance of the 19 point of responsibility, and how to operate the course, let us reflect on their own, reflecting the work, summed up the good aspects. In order to work like "who work means responsibility, how should we face the work responsibility, start from the self, how to take responsibility. The responsibility of the details from the start, how can we reflect the responsibility..." These seemingly esoteric problems, in fact every hour of every day happen to us, but we rarely think that we have missed. The phrase "small love Lenin about a man when he self reflection. Will be a great starting point." the teacher is well intentioned, the leadership of the company and the staff responsible for us, only held such a grand house. As the teacher said, we don't need all can lead to profound Wu today to speak on the course, we only need to know one or two, then in the life and work to implement the two points, then our own will get great improvement. Short two hours training in laughter, meditation soon spent. Thank teacher Zhang wonderful to share, thank Liao of general electric company all staff concerned. Training, our next appointment again!

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